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Captain Seaweed Charters, Inc.- Dolphin Links

Our intention is to provide both education information and links to other opportunities to swim with or encounter dolphin. There are few creatures on land or sea, that so thoroughly capture the human imagination! We believe these animals have incredibly intelligent and sophisiticated.

There is information on these marine mammals here or browse the menu below for links on educational and conservation organizations; stranding organizations and rehab centers; research sites with studies on dolphin and other marine mammal behavior plus dolphin photos , and other places where you may encounter or swim with dolphins, as well as dolphin and animal communicators.

If there is a site that you feel would make a good addition to this page, please let us know. We are happy to provide this information for dolphin lovers worldwide.

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Information on swimming with dolphins in the Florida Keys with a comparison of programs: Dream Vacation Adventure: Swim with the Dolphin in the Florida Keys.

Dolphin Cove - South Florida research and education facility offers encounters for dolphin lovers who want firsthand experience with the marine mammals. Key Largo.
Dolphins Plus Natural Swim Programs - A dolphin research and education facility offering unique snorkeling with dolphins programs, internships, and marine mammal classes. Key Largo, Florida.
Theater of the Sea - Imagine yourself eye to eye with the majestic dolphin! Thirty minute structured program includes hands on contact with Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. Islamorada.
Three Day Dolphin Swim Programs - Information about our three-day wild dolphin swim program. Panama City Beach, Florida.


Dolphin Camp - Welcome to Dolphin Camp, if you are looking for exciting and enjoyable experiences just explore our site and take a look at the programs we are offering. You can swim with dolphins, meet new friends, sail through the crystal blue waters of Bimini, find interaction with sealife and have more fun adventures at this wonderful camp.  
Dolphin Encounters -  Nassau, The Bahamas. Touch, kiss and swim with the dolphins on Blue Lagoon Island. You can choose to swim, hug, feed and even dance with these wonderful mammals. 
Wild Dolphin Charters - Close up encounters with wild dolphins in their natural environment. Liveaboard, fishing, and diving charters, wild dolphin video. 
The Dream Team - Wild Dolphin Adventures and Scuba Diving in the Bahamas. Learn about the dolphin adventures, Atlantic spotted-dolphin research and the Adopt-a-Dolphin project. Meet the crew and read the visitors' log. 
M/V Sea Fever - Ken Knezick, owner of Island Dreams Travel, recently ran a Bahamas Dolphin cruise aboard M/V Sea Fever. Read his comprehensive report.

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Aquatic Surfari's Wild Dolphin Swim Guide - How to swim respectfully with Hawaii's wild spinner dolphins, and opportunities for sail, swim, and snorkel encounters.
Dolphin Essence - Dolphin swims,seminars and whale watching in Kona,Big Island, Hawaii,and humpback whale swims in the Dominican Republic. 
Dolphin Quest -  International program allows visitors to swim with the dolphins. Find a directory of locations and facts about dolphins. 
Into Spirit - Whale watching and dolphin encounters while snorkeling on Hawaii's Big Island. 
Dolphin Excursions - Explore Hawaii's coastline in the company of dolphins and whales. Our zodiac gets you closer than you'd ever dreamed possible. 
Dolphins Discoveries  - Observe dolphins and whale watch with Dolphin discoveries along the Kona Coast, Big Island of Hawaii.
Hawaii Whale Watching - Observe Hawaiian Humpback whales while sailing the waters of the famous North Shore, the least crowded whale watching spot on Oahu. Small groups allow a personal and up-close experience.
Whale Watching, Dolphin Swimming, & Snorkeling in Oahu, Hawaii while under sail. Tropical dolphin swims, turtle beach snorkeling. This operator's marine biologist crew brings top ten kudoes from Frommers and others.

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Dolphin Landings Charterboat Center - Sailing and power boat charter for watching dolphins, fishing, island trips or snorkeling out of St. Pete Beach, west coast of Florida. 
Orenda Charters - Dolpin watch & wildlife eco tours.  Ft. Pierce. 

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The Divine Dolphin - Dolphin watching and eco tours in Drake Bay.

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The Dolphin Project - All volunteer organization conducts long term scientific studies and protects Tursiops truncatus dolphins. 
Dolphins and Man: Equals? - Lengthy article explores the relationship between human beings and dolphins. Includes the results of several studies. 
Hawaii's Marine Wildlife - Whales, Dolphins, Turtles, and Seals - A Course of Study Based on a currciulum written by Emily Gardner, M.S. May 1993 for Earthtrust and the Hawaii State Department of Education.
Marine Mammal Resources - Cetacean Web Directory.
The Dolphin Institute - Honolulu-based organization provides dolphin and whale educational programs. View pics, hear the animals "talk," or find volunteer opportunities. 
Whale Web -  Information on dolphins, porpoises and whales.

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Dolphin Assisted Therapy -  International Dolphin-Assisted Therapy and Research Association. 
Island Dolphin Care - A non-profit organization developed to help children and their families who are dealing with various developmental, physical, and/or emotional difficulties. 
Swim with the Dolphins - Islander News article by Jodi Rodgers about Dolphin/Human Therapy at the Miami Seaquarium. 

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Dolphin Research Center - A not-for-profit education and research facility, home to a family of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins and California sea lions. Grassy Key. Florida.
Dolphin Research Institute - Australian organization profiles dolphins, detailing their anatomy and protected status. 
Oman Whale and Dolphin Research Group - A group of professionals dedicated to whale and dolphin reasearch and rescue in Oman. 
Sarasota Dolphin Research Program - Understanding the biology, behavior, ecology, health, and population dynamics of coastal bottlenose dolphins. 
Wild Dolphin Societies Research Mission -  Research mission initiated in 1970, and supported by Earthwatch since 1982, this is the longest-running wild dolphin research project of its kind. 

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Greenpeace Foundation: Dolphin Alert - A clarification of the organization's positions on Dolphin Safety. 
International Dolphin Watch - Founded in 1978, this nonprofit organization studies and cares for dolphins. Includes extensive photo archives. 
The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society - International charity dedicated solely to the worldwide conservation and welfare of all whales, dolphins and porpoises (cetaceans). WDCS was established in 1987 and now has over 70000 supporters all around the world. WDCS has already helped to fund over 80 research projects in over 40 countries.
American Cetacean Society -  A non-profit, volunteer membership organization which  works to protect whales, dolphins, porpoises, and their habitats through education, conservation and research. 
Dolphin Communication Project - A private, non-profit research foundation organized to promote awareness of marine mammal conservation and to increase knowledge of communication behaviors between and among all dolphin species. 

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David's Dolphin Images - Personal page offers dolphin and whale images, sounds, and resource links. - Original photography, digital art, music and video of dolphins. Also includes a directory of sites for information about dolphins.
Jeff Wilkie  - Dolphin paintings and Hawaiin landscapes.
Julie Eclipse - A personal site about dolphins, flower-filled fields and a forest overlooking the sea.

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Clearwater Marine Aquarium  - A nonprofit, working aquarium dedicated to public
education, marine research, animal assisted therapy and the rescue, rehabilitation and release of injured or sick whales, dolphins, otters and sea turtles.
Dolphin & Whale Hospital - Mote Marine Laboratory facility provides state-of-the-art critical care and chronic care for stranded dolphins and whales. 
Florida Marine Mammal Stranding Network  - On 24-hour call for assistance for  distressed marine mammals including bottlenosed dolphins and the Florida manatee. Also includes directory of other stranding organizations.
Marine Mammal Conservancy - Florida Keys. Non profit, volunteer organization dedicated to research and rescue of marine mammals.

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