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"Captain Seaweed Swims with Key West Dolphin"

The Captain's Lab Loves Swimmng with Wild Key West Dolphin As Much as Anyone! Photo Gallery of Captain Seaweed and the dolphins!

Captain Seaweed had a long night dreaming of the dolphin she will play with the next day. In her dreams, the dolphin jumped over her and swam all around her. So glorious! She awakes, she ready to swim with the dolphin again today.

Our yellow lab, Captain Seaweed, believes that the dolphin and snorkel charters are for her. Yes, we allow guests to join us, but only so Captain Seaweed can show off how the dolphin love to swim with her.

As the vessel 'Bite Me' approaches the dolphin playground, Captain Seaweed and all the children (as well as the big kids) start looking for the playful dolphin. Parents hurry to get their cameras for the exciting encounter. And then, a splash of dolphin jump, followed quickly by another as Captain Seaweed jumps in! The dog and mammals swim toward each other in one big splash of excitement. Once Captain Seaweed and the dolphin come together, it is such wonderment. Swimming in circles around each other, jumping and barking.

Occasionally, Captain Seaweed looks up to me, as if to say, "Where'd all the dolphin go?" Then she lifts her head high so that she can look down and see all the dolphin in a ball right underneath her. To watch how the bond formed between the dolphins and Captain Seaweed over the years really opens up the heart. It seems they just can't get enough of each other. Please: have plenty of film and full batteries for this amazing dog and dolphin swim.

Captain Seaweed tires out long before the dolphin, so they swim her back to the boat. The dolphins swim alongside in hopes she may jump in to play with them again. The dolphin must have dreamt about swimming with Captain Seaweed too. Everyone's dream came true!

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 As we approach the reef to snorkel, Captain Seaweed once again gets very excited. She believes the anchor and mooring balls are alive, and she must protect me from them. She will go so far as to "Bite Me" to keep me safe. I will ask you to feed her plenty of cookies while I hook up to the reef. This is how I 'stay safe' from that living anchor.

Disclaimer: Captain Seaweed is an 80 lb. yellow lab. She is 6 years old and extremely spoiled. She loves to go on dolphin/snorkel charters, but she is by invitation only. If she is too tired from the previous day, I will leave her with the baby sitter. If she joins us, she will eat your food, lay on your lap, and lick your face. You have been warned. DOG LOVERS ONLY!

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