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Is Dolphin-Safe Tuna Really Dolphin-Safe?

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The Bush Administration is trying to weaken the definition of the dolphin-safe label on tuna cans. The proposed changes would allow tuna caught using the harmful practice of chasing and setting nets on dolphins to be labeled "dolphin-safe." This policy has the potential to devastate dolphin populations, especially three dolphin populations in the Eastern Tropical Pacific -- the northeastern offshore spotted, the eastern spinner, and the coastal spotted -- which have all seen their numbers plummet as a result of dolphin-deadly fishing practices.

We need your help in convincing the Bush Administration to finally demonstrate leadership on the issue of dolphin-safe tuna and other ocean wildlife protection measures.

We cannot sit by passively as our dolphin-safe tuna label is rendered meaningless and our ocean resources are destroyed by over-fishing. Please sign the petition.

Other Marine Wildlife Is In Jeopardy! Scientists worldwide recognize that large-scale industrial fishing techniques -- such as purse-seining, longlining, and drift-netting -- are devastating our oceans and the countless wildlife species that live within them. Dolphins, endangered sea turtles, sharks, sea birds and other marine wildlife are all falling victim to the nets and lines of tuna fishermen and the pressure of overfishing, especially in the Pacific Ocean.

Sea Turtles in Trouble: Sea turtles, abundant throughout the world's oceans for millennia, are being killed when they become entangled in fishing gear or caught as bycatch in fishing nets. All eight of the world's sea turtle species are now listed as threatened with extinction. Within the last decade, the Eastern Pacific populations of the critically endangered leatherback turtle have declined by 78%.

Sharks in Danger: Sharks, due to their low birth rate, slow maturation and growth patterns, and naturally small populations, are extremely vulnerable to pressures from fisheries and human exploitation. Pacific populations of Angel Sharks, Lemon Sharks, and Blue Sharks, to name a few, are all facing grave dangers from overfishing practices. (Visit for more information)

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